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One of the first things Janis Bryant said to me was, "Wait until you see the possibility." Years later, a fellow artist, Charlie Harris, used to look at my paintings and remark, "I just don't know how you imagine that! I don't have any imagination." I wondered what it would be like to have no imagination. Is that even possible? The other thing Janis said that might have been a great help while I was waiting to see the possibility was to expand and exaggerate. I could do something different from reality. I stared at the object I was drawing or painting until I saw possibilities of extended lines, shadows from different windows, highlights from natural or manufactured light sources, and colors. Oh the colors that I see. Right before Charlie died, he gave me a small painting of Big Bend, a place he had painted previously with mostly tans, blues, grays, and greens. He said, "Look, I did it. I added colors to the desert." He was smiling so big. There is no name on the painting. I think I will call it, "Possibility."

"Carry on in the finest tradition." Charles B. Harris

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