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I grew up in Texas and California during the 1950’s and 1960’s.  Although I had an initial interest in art, I was never encouraged to pursue it.  I was discouraged by art teachers and told I had no talent.  I drifted between jobs and supported my family by working in law offices, ending up as the IT Director in a Fort Worth law firm for over 20 years.  When my children were born, I felt a desire to draw and paint again, and I took one community course in drawing from Fort Worth artist, Daniel Blagg, but there

was no time and no money for art supplies.  Finally, at 50, when my children were no longer living at home, I began to pursue my lifelong dream of being an artist.  My career had provided enough money to spend on supplies and lessons.  I studied color theory with Fort Worth artist, Janis Bryant, for 5 years and began to show my work.  Janis asked me to become the Co-Director of her gallery, “Mo’Martre,” on 5th Avenue in the historic Near Southside of Fort Worth, so that I could gain experience in the business of art.  Subsequently, Janis retired and is now deceased, and the gallery no longer exists.  I again felt adrift in my artistic pursuits.  Without a teacher to guide me I was confused.  Fortunately, a group of Fort Worth artists asked me to join their creativity support group.  We call ourselves “3rd Saturday” because we meet on the third Saturday of each month to chat about art, our obstacles, our successes, and to show our current work to each other in a non-judgmental environment.  Together we have organized group shows and continue to do so.

Many of my works have been purchased and are in private collections in Fort Worth and across the U.S.  Since retirement in 2021, I have devoted myself to expressing my journey through childhood sexual abuse and recovery, and have committed to working with Alliance for Children, Tarrant County, Texas by donating original works to them, and donating 50% of proceeds from my Broken Places series of works to the organization.  I continue to build that series and explore other means of supporting survivors of childhood abuse.  In 2022, the City of North Richland Hills featured me and my work online and at a public art display in one of the city parks.  I made a video of the initial works in the Broken Places series, explaining in greater detail the significance of each painting.

In 2023 I have expanded my work on landscapes, exploring the shapes and colors of natural forms and transforming them into works of unnatural shapes and colors which I hope come together to represent the emotional and spiritual presence of a place.  I am most at home in nature and find a connection there with the power of creation that makes my life meaningful.  

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