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What IF?

Progress not perfection is my guide in my recent paintings. I’m having so much fun. My kind of fun is quiet, free, loving, curious, experimental, and full of “what ifs.” But they are the right kind of “what if.” They are the kind that say, “what if I try a black outline, or a series of dots, or paint over that there with some bold color.” These are the kinds of nudges that I am beginning to listen to more and more as I become surer of myself in my artistic bent. It’s not a style, because I’ve never wanted to be locked into something forever, but it’s a lowly listening to that which is me and only me. Yes, I have been influenced by my favorite artists, but I have taken a bit from each and made them my own. I am moving away from having a picture in my mind and striving only for that outcome. That is perfection. I am moving toward expression of myself.


Artists whose works have influenced mine.

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