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"If you're not in trouble, you're not learning"

Updated: Apr 28

I feel like I'm in trouble all the time when I'm creating art. It's unfathomable. It's elusive. It's baffling. Where do I start? Where is the middle? Where is the end? I used to run a network in an office downtown. Over the 20 years I worked in that position, I seemed to have encountered every kind of trouble there was, from not enough power, to used equipment being sold as new, to flooding, to hacking, to a tornado. Trouble comes with the territory. And so said Carol Light about art at a watercolor demo I attended in 2002.

As I re-read my art journal, I can take comfort in remembering that I don't need to know everything and that I need to take risks in order to learn. In art, I have nothing to lose (I can always paint it again) and everything to gain (miracles do happen).

"Take a chance with me." ABBA

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